6 Most Romantic Destinations, As Seen on the Bachelor

6 Most Romantic Destinations, As Seen on the Bachelor

most romantic destinations
Wait…what’s this pic of the BAYOU doing here!?!

Brothers and sisters, the day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. No….I’m not talking about National Vanilla Pudding Day, though that is certainly a holiday worth celebrating.

Tonight, Chris Harrison will roll out the red carpet for the most dramatic season in Bachelorette history.

As we all know, ABC takes its Bachelor and Bachelorette minions to some of the most romantic destinations in the entire world….except for when Andi was the bach. Sorry girl, seemed like a low-budget season.

Here are some of our favorite stops that the franchise has made along its 15-year run.

#6: Bali

most romantic destinations
Now THAT’S a living room. Photo cred: The Mulia

Before allegedly becoming a felon, sweet Chris Soules was living in the lap of luxury in Bali with his final three. The fantasy suites were all at a luxe resort called The Mulia, in the southern beach town of Nusa Dua. Luckily the resort is huge, so we suspect that there were enough “fantasy suites” to go around without any of the girls having to double up. Hubby and I started our honeymoon here before heading up to the cultural hub of Ubud, home to rainforests, rice fields and gorgeous resorts with private pool villas.

#5: Anguilla

I spy with my little eye…..Chantelle! Photo cred: ABC

I feel bad saying this, but Brad Womack is the kind of guy that skeeves me out. Like a drunk frat boy that reeks of beer at all times, even directly after a shower. Anywho, he took the girls to the dreamy island of Anguilla in the middle of his season and so for the travel inspiration, we are grateful. Anguilla is part of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, which is a fancy way of saying #paradise. The place to stay is Malliouhana, a luxury beach resort built into a cliff overlooking the ocean. Oh, and did we mention there’s a double-decker infinity pool?

#4: Chiang Mai

most romantic destinations
“When will it be MY turn??” — Chris B. Harrison

It’s no secret that Thailand has my heart, but I especially love the city of Chiang Mai. I often describe it as an adventure capital, because all of the cool activities that you expect to do in Thailand are usually here….like muay thai boxing sessions, jungle treks, elephant experiences, cooking classes, ziplining with the gibbons monkeys, etc…..I could continue, but I know you guys don’t have all day. Ashley Hebert took her guy squad to Chiang Mai and you may remember that poor Ames had to go to the hospital after getting hit in the face during a boxing group date.

#3: St. Lucia

most romantic destinations
Just before the 15 min of fame wore off..

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse after Brad Womack, ABC gave us Jake Pavelka. If you’re a true Bachelor fan, I don’t even need to say anything more than this and we’re all instantly on the same page. We remember the day that Jake proposed to Vienna like it was just yesterday…mainly because those piton mountains in the background were just so damn pretty. St. Lucia is a dreamy spot that looks like it should be in Hawaii instead of the Caribbean, with active volcanoes, waterfalls and black-sand beaches against that killer mountainous backdrop.

#2: Tahiti

Most romantic destinations
Cute while it lasted…

In all honesty, I forgot Roberto’s name and had to google “Ali Fedotowsky bachelorette winner”. Is it just me, or does this feel like it happened 30 years ago!?! Ali’s last few episodes took place in Tahiti, with her last rose given out at Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort. Real talk: how many HiltonHonors points do we think ABC has, and how can we get a slice of that pie?? Tahiti is extremely romantic, and since all of the islands and hotels are super spread out, you’ll need to fully commit to secluded, uninterrupted relaxation days with your boo. We can think of worse things… 😉

#1: South Africa

most romantic destination
Wait, where are the walls?

We know we already mentioned Brad Womack, but he was really treated like royalty by the Bachelor vacation planners. G-d definitely picks favorites, and this man got the hookup! South Africa has become one of our favorite destinations for luxurious, romantic trips as of late. It just mixes so many great things, like adventure (shark cage diving), nature (this room literally has no ceiling or walls), animals (obviously going on a safari is a must) and even wine country (Cape Town has the winelands which are super gorgeous). There’s romance no matter where you go, and you can always end the trip in a beachy place like the Seychelles or the Maldives.

With so many unbelievable places to see in the world, we’re still a little confused about how Nick V. found himself in frigid Finland…..sorry Nick, none of your spots made the cut.

Click here to start planning your trip to one of these sexy spots….or any spot, for that matter.

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