Q: How on earth do you guys make money if your service is 100% free?

A: So here’s the truth: we don’t work for free. For each hotel, vacation package or cruise that we book, we are paid by one of our travel partners. Since those companies pay us the big bucks, we don’t charge our clients a single penny for our services. Think of it like a referral.

Q: I have like a million Starwood points and airline miles. Can you book my trip with points?

A: We love points! We are actually obsessed with points — like next-level obsessed. We encourage you to mosey on over to the “Travel Like Us” blog (shameless plug) for tips and tricks on using points. That said, we cannot book your trip with points. Hotels, cruise lines and tour companies do not pay commission for clients booking with points and as much as we looooooooove to work for free, it’s just not a sustainable business plan. 🙂

Needless to say, we highly recommend using your points for sweet business class seats on your way to your Honeymoon or luxury vacay and we’d be thrilled to give you advice and pointers. 

Q: We booked all our hotels, can you book our flights?

A: Ahhh sorry, no can do. If a travel agent says they can book your flight alone, they are most likely building in an extra charge for themselves. No bueno, that’s not how we roll. Since we pride ourselves on offering a 100% free service to our clients, we would never want you to pay more than face value. Instead, we recommend the best flights for your trip, and give you all the deets you need to book them.

Q: We absolutely love vacation rentals and only want to stay at Airbnb’s for our trip. Can you book those?

A: Yes and no. We can absolutely book apartments and vacation rentals on your behalf — just not the ones on Airbnb, sadly.

Q: This is an amazing itinerary! Thanks for all your hard work — brb while we book these hotels ourselves.

A: Oooooh, rough. Each itinerary is meticulously crafted for our clients and we spend hours upon hours making sure every detail is perfect. If you book the trip yourself, it’s like you’re stealing from us. And that really hurts our feelings.