Which Honeymoon Destination Is Right For You?

Agios Sostis in Mykonos, Greece

About four years ago, I took my husband (then boyfriend) on his very first trip to Europe. He had only been out of the country once before, on an escorted group trip to Israel (shout out to Birthright, for all my fellow tribe members!). He had never really been out of his comfort zone before, let alone in a foreign country.

Back to Europe. We stepped off the plane in Rome and I immediately put him on a crowded bus for Termini Station and subsequently in the 3rd class of an old train to our cruise port in Civitavecchia. The train supported its lack of air conditioning with an impressive quantity of gypsies and young hustlers man-handling our bags and demanding tips. Hubby was not pleased.

Here we were, on our first anniversary…about to break up. Joking, though I was honestly like, “Ummm travel is everything, and if this guy can’t hang, he’s out.” (Just kidding sweety, I love you and never thought that).

My point here is this: not every destination is perfect for every couple.

Here are some of my recs for destinations based on travel experience:

New travelers: I would recommend a starter trip to London and Paris. Everything in London will be in English (duh!) so you’ll be able to communicate, travel around easily and if you’re feeling extra adventurous, take advantage of their awesome tube system. You can then advance to Paris once you’re in the swing of things, pocket translator (aka iPhone) in hand. You can also tack on Florence or Barcelona — cities that are stunning, tourist-friendly and easy to navigate.

Occasional travelers: With a couple foreign cities under your belt, I’d say you’re ready to advance to the small, hidden gem-type cities that take a little extra work to get to. One of our favorite places in the world is Il Borro in the Arezzo region of Tuscany. Owned by the Ferragamo family, it’s a sprawling self-contained village with shops, restaurants and sweeping Chianti vineyard views. You really need a car to take full advantage of Tuscany, which is why this trip is best for a more comfortable traveler. Greece is also a great option here — the islands are your oyster and with a bit of finesse, you can see as many of them as you want. We recommend Mykonos and Santorini + either Ios, Naxos or Paros for a delicious, gorgeous and well-balanced trip. Click here for a more detailed itinerary rec.

Seasoned travelers: Southeast Asia all the way. I am obsessed, can’t get enough, no words to explain my attachment but it’s not for the feint of heart — you WILL be out of your comfort zone because so many things are brand new. Many of these countries are primarily under-developed. You may see impoverished neighborhoods on the way to your fancy 5-star spot, or drive on unpaved roads sprinkled with stray dogs. It’s a lot to take in; but it’s beautiful, unbelievably special and will bring you closer as a couple. The South Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, etc) is also a fantastic option and the only reason I’d recommend for seasoned travelers is because the flights can be brutal. But hey, if you can survive a 24-hour flight and jetlag with your spouse, you can survive pretty much anything.

To learn more about great destinations based on travel period, click here.

Truth be told, there are no rules when it comes to honeymoons — we can design any trip for any couple in a way that’s perfect for the two of you. These recs are based on our own experience…mainly from trial and error.

If you’re not sure of where to go, or if a place is right for you, just ask us. That’s what we’re here for!

Love and travels,


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